After fracturing my shoulder in a bicycle accident, I turned to Mike Beretta to get me back on track. His skill and expertise combined with his one-on-one treatment approach yielded incredible results. Mike is obviously deeply committed to patient care and is constantly working to improve his skills for the good of his patients. Beretta Physical Therapy is the place to be for skilled professional care and the personal attention that every client deserves.

Dirk Manley, MSPT
Physical Therapist
USA Cycling Coach

Simply stated, I would enthusiastically recommend, and highly encourage, any person that needs physical therapy to go to Beretta Physical Therapy! Only after a few months of therapy, I completely regained my range of motion. Mike Beretta provided me with a thorough understanding of my “frozen shoulders”. Mike worked with me for hour-long sessions and always gave me goals and “homework” upon completion of each session. Through the entire process, he continued to explain what we were working on, measure my progress, and then state our next set of goals.

Not only did Mike have the expertise necessary for complete rehabilitation, he was also motivational. He was genuine and sincere in his work. He wanted me to improve – and improve as quickly as possible – while being careful to never overdo any exercise or stretch. To think prior to going to Mike, I was told by another clinic to expect at least one more year of therapy! Thank You Mike! I am grateful and appreciative of your service, and the difference going to the right professional can make!

Sharon Kay

You not only rehabilitated my shoulder to obtain ANY use of the shoulder (complex reconstructive surgical repair),you improved/returned my range-of-motion of my shoulder to a level satisfactory for my future use.

As you know, sports are an integral part of my life with my family. W/O participation in sports, life as I lived in the past would not have been possible nor very enjoyable.

You were adaptable and creative in escalating the modification of traditional programs to better advance the progress of my treatment to meet my future athletic needs.

Again, it was a pleasure to work with you. I sincerely believe had we NOT met, my rehab would not have gone as quickly (some 4-6 months ahead of the physicians schedule) nor as completely under the guidance of another PT that was not as totally committed to my progress.

Oscar J.

After injuring my back and missing 4 days of golf, I was depressed and feeling like my future golf was in jeopardy. Mike not only lifted my spirits, but got me back on the golf course within 3 visits. He’s got me on a golf fitness program (he really works you) because he knows I don’t want the problem to flare up again. I find Mike very knowledgeable and compassionate.

Neil M
Mike Beretta’s cycling program took me to the next level of fitness. Before following Mike’s program and coaching I was at the back of the peloton on my weekly group rides and local races. Now I am at the front helping set the pace! I could not have accomplished my goals or gained this level of fitness without his program and expertise. Thanks Mike.
Aaron S.
I had rotator cuff surgery in January and through Mike’s rehab program, I was able to hit my goal of participating in a triathlon in June. My doctor was always commenting on how far ahead of schedule my rehabilitation was compared to other patients who had the same operation. Through Mike’s skills and pushing my range of motion and strength in my shoulder is better than what I had before my injury.
Chuck B.
Beretta PT is great! I came to Mike with a neck injury and he had me up and running (literally) in no time. He really took the time to find out what aspects of my daily life could be a threat to my recovery and showed me how to adjust for them. He also spent time getting to know a bit about my sport, and came up with a good plan that worked for me. I have since been back for additional therapy and I have always felt like my recovery truly matters to Mike! He is the Best!
Rachel C.
I first met Mike when I pulled a muscle in my leg and didn’t think I could play in an important soccer game. A day before the game, he worked on my leg and showed me how to wrap it for the game. Not only did I play, I scored 2 goals. Recently I got out of a cast after 5 months because of a broken ankle. Mike is helping me regain my strength and agility.
Alex S.
Mike has helped me and my family recover from serious injury, quickly returning us to physical activity. What we really like is that he stays with you, one on one, and pays close attention to the injury. He is a funny, caring and hard working person. We like and trust Mike!
Janet R. and Family
Physical therapy helps reduce my chronic pain through treatments and exercise plans Mike tailors to help me and my condition. While a patient of Beretta Physical Therapy, my flare ups occur less often and with shorter durations which has greatly improved my quality of life – and who doesn’t want that? Simply put, Mike’s great!
Debbie N.
Working with Mike was a great experience! He designed a program to meet not only my cycling goals but also one that would work with my lifestyle and other obligations. He laid out a challenging program, provided guidance and encouragement and was quick to recognize when it needed modification. Being accountable to a coach to report in at the end of a drill (or after Slug Gulch) is a great motivator! But better still was getting Mike’s enthusiastic praise when I reported having one of those “ah-ha” moments when those doggone drills came together and paid off in a great ride.
Kathy W.
I’ve never seen a person who cares about other people so much by devoting his expertise on making people return to their normal daily lives. I know this is a proven fact. I was involved in a bicycle accident, where I needed one-on-one direct attention for my injuries. I decided to turn to Beretta PT for help. I got much more than I expected. They are professional, courteous, and gave outstanding treatment for my injuries. Before I knew it, I was back on the bike. Thanks Mike and all the staff at Beretta Physical Therapy.
Marc B.
Thanks for getting Fran & I back to our physical activities. Fran’s back pain has subsided and my rotor cuff and trigger finger are much better. We are still thankful for your physical therapy techniques in getting Ron’s back pain minimized. He is now doing an intense bike spin 3 times a week. You’re the “best.”
Ron & Fran P.