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Running Injuries | El Dorado Hills CA


We live in a great endurance community with runners and triathletes of all ages and experience levels. These athletes compete in everything from 5Ks to Ultras and from Sprint to Ironman distance Triathlons. The majority don’t race but simply run for fitness and their love of running. The roads and trails are covered with happy, smiling runners. At Beretta PT, our goal is to keep our community full of healthy runners.

The Key to Running Injuries

Returning from a running injury can be very challenging for a runner both physically and emotionally. The key is to figure out the "cause" of the injury. This seems obvious, but frequently it's the symptoms being treated and not the actual cause of those symptoms and this leads to short-lived success and eventual re-injury.

The answer: Address those causes with a specific plan and put the runner themselves in control of the injury. For runners, the injury mechanism is rarely just one variable. At Beretta PT, we find the root cause quickly to save time, money and frustration.

What differences do you see?

Be Proactive, Educated, and Make Good Treatment Decisions

In today's healthcare climate, patients need to be proactive and educated about their situation. The web has made it easy to research symptoms and has helped in this education process. On the flip side, we see many athletes who self-diagnose and treat their injuries for months before seeking professional advice. This often turns a quick return to running into a long, frustrating situation for the runner.

At Beretta PT, we often treat other medical practitioners including PTs, Chiropractors, and MDs for their running and athletic injuries. They understand it's nearly impossible to uncover, decipher, plan, and execute a successful rehabilitation when they're "in" the situation themselves. Just like you, they need guidance.

What do you see and how do you fix it?
Hint: The shoes are not the problem.

Healthcare Changes and Challenges

Runners are very motivated, goal-oriented and have way better things to do rather than be in physical therapy. Our clients want to understand what, why and how to address an issue. They want to get back to running. Our job is to get you back as quickly as possible using as little physical therapy as possible. You just need a plan and guidance as you navigate your return to running. We often see patients for the initial consultation followed by a few shorter visits appreciating people’s insurance benefits, out-of-pocket expenses and time.

Team Approach is the Only Way!

We enjoy and value "co-treating" with other medical practitioners including PTs, Chiropractors, MDs, DOs, Massage Therapists, etc. We also have great relationships with our local running shoe stores and local coaches. The team approach is the only way to go!

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